Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Best Super Foods for Growing Children

A nutritious and balanced diet is one of the most important things for a growing child. Children have high energy and nutrient needs that are different from that of adults. During the growing stage, the body needs specific vitamins and minerals for proper development. There are some certain foods that contain a large quantity of vitamin and minerals in them. These foods are called super foods which is essential for the overall growth of growing child. So, it is very much important to serve super foods to them which comprises with essential vitamins and minerals that need for their growth. Try to include these super foods in the daily diet of your growing child.

Best Super Foods for Growing Children

1. Milk 

Milk is a great food for your growing children. It is a great source of Calcium and vitamin D which is very much important nutrient for bone health. Calcium takes important role for building bones in growing child. Vitamin D is important for calcium synthesis in human body. One glass of milk will provide about 20% of daily requirement of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and does not contain in skimmed milk. So, when you give your growing child a glass of milk go for whole milk.

2. Eggs

Growing children need more protein than adults and that’s why every growing kid should have eggs in abundance especially when there is no danger of high cholesterol levels. Apaprt from high quality protein, eggs naturally contain vitamin D that aids in calcium absorption. Eggs are also good sources of zinc, selenium, iron, folate and omega–3 fatty acids. Eggs make for healthy breakfast choice as they prevent short duration hunger pang and provide sustained energy.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt, particular Greek yogurt (has more protein) is immensely beneficial for growing children. The good bacteria present in yogurt boost immunity and aid digestion. It also contains calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, zinc and phosphorus.

Eating yogurt daily promotes healthy bones and strong teeth as well as helps meet some of the high energy needs of children.

If your child does not like plain yogurt, you can drizzle it with honey or maple syrup. You can also add fruits and a few chocolate chips.

4. Oats

To give your children the much needed energy for the day ahead, oats are considered one of the best breakfast foods.

Research shows that kids who eat oats for breakfast can concentrate better and pay more attention in school compared to those who do not.

Oats contain important nutrients like vitamins B and E, potassium and zinc that help brain development and functioning. Oats are also a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber that will help children stay full longer.

Serve oats with milk or yogurt, topped with fruit. You can also give your children biscuits and snacks made of oats.

5. Fish

Growing children must have a minimum of two servings of fish every week. Wealthy in protein, lower in fat and packed with Vitamin b and precious minerals, fish is definitely digested by children.

Plus, fish consists of omega-3 fats that boost brain development, improve eyesight, prevent depression and the center healthy.

Fish like salmon and tuna are perfect for children. Avoid giving children shark, sword fish and marlin because they contain high amounts of mercury that could have a negative effect on a child’s developing central nervous system. You are able to serve fish inside a sandwich, salad or soup in addition to grilled or baked.

6. Cheese

Cheese is a nutritious food that growing children should eat on a regular basis. Cheese contains a good amount of calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and phosphorus.

Also, cheese makes a good substitute for meat because it is a good source of high quality, easily digestible protein. Protein builds, maintains and repairs body tissue.

You can service your children grilled cheese sandwiches along with some healthy soup. Also, eating cheese after a meal helps avoid dental cavities as it is believed to have ant-cavity properties.

7. Avocado

Loaded with monounsaturated fats, avocados help in proper development of your kids bodies. In addition, avocados contain a good dose of fiber for healthy digestion in kids. Essential vitamins present in avocados are vitamin K (to prevent blood clotting), folate (for healthy development of body cells), vitamin E (for healthy skin, hair and nails), vitamin B6 and vitamin C (for healthy immune system).

8. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rated among the most healthy veggies available. They’re very wealthy in beta carotene along with other carotenoids which are required for eyesight. Also, they’re an excellent source of vitamins A, E and c, potassium, folate, calcium, iron and fiber.

Most kids such as the taste of sweet potatoes. You are able to serve them steamed, grilled or as baked sweet potato dishes. You may also deep fry sweet potato slices and serve them as an alternative for unhealthy poker chips.

9. Blueberries

Think of antioxidant rich foods and nothing looks better than blueberries simply because you can pop in one whenever you like and they can be added to almost anything – right from smoothies to your regular oatmeal. It also contains vitamin C that boost immune system and keeps cold and flu at bay. Manganese in blueberries promote healthy and strong bones. It also helps in preventing diarrhea.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is among the best vegetable you should give to your children for its rich in calcium, fiber, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and folic acid. Undeniably, calcium is necessary for children to develop their bones and teeth, while other nutrients function to assist their digestion and nervous system.

To maximize the benefit of broccoli, eat it raw or steam it lightly to preserve the nutrients in the vegetable.

11. Beans

Beans are super nutritious and immensely beneficial for growing children. Apart from being high in antioxidants, beans also contain a good amount of protein, calcium, fiber, iron and vitamin B.

Also, beans are low in fat, calories and sodium. Eating beans regularly will keep children energetic, improve their mood, keep their heart healthy and help maintain a healthy body weight.

Beans like kidney, black, navy and pinto along with garbanzo beans, soybeans, dried peas and lentils are good for children. Soak any of these beans overnight before preparing a dish. Children can be given bean salad or soup for lunch or dinner.

12. Water

Water is the most essential thing which must be given to children in order to keep their mind and body fresh. Drinking at least 8 glass water is essential for adults but for children must drink at least 3 to 4 glass water and more than it in order to save themselves from dehydration and keep their body and skin fresh.